Create the ideal kit for your team using the My Macron Kit App

Try it now. It’s free and works on mobile, PC, and Mac

With the My Macron Kit app, you can build a complete kit for your team and personalise products with your team name, logo, and colors.

Wear your team!

The My Macron Kit app makes it easy for you to design your very own custom team kit. Simply select items from our catalogue or make your kit unique by customising products with your team’s logo and colours. Jerseys, singlets, shorts, and socks can be fully customised. Download the My Macron Kit App from the app store.

Catalogue Area

Choose among the models offered in the Macron catalogue to create your kit. Match and customise jerseys, shorts, socks, accessories and clothing for competition, training and travel.

Select the sport and choose the products from the catalogue to make up the entire kit.

Customise the selected products by adding your company logo, sponsor logos, names and numbers.

Save your design in a brochure format (automatically created in-app) and send it to us at mysportswear

Custom Area

Once you select your sport, you will immediately be presented with products available for customisation. You can change the colour of each of the customisable parts of the product you have chosen and even add patterns and logos

Select the sport, choose a product

Make your kit unique by customising its colors and style

Add your team logo and sponsor logos. Choose the font for names and/or numbers

Enable AR view and see your customised product come to life. Save your design and share a screenshot or video of your kit with the members of your team

Need some help?

Let us help you design your new shirt- call mysportswear on 01325 488884 or email us at

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